Grandma's Palm Tree

What is that secret of the Bond between Palestinians and their Grandmothers?
The grandmother expelled from her coastal hometown north of Akka in 1948 to become a refugee in a camp in northern Syria.
Second and third generations brought up on a diet of stories told by their Teitas (grandmothers),
memorising the minutest details, separated by a gulf of 72 years!
War breaks out in a neighbouring Arab country, Palestinians alongside the Syrians, brave the Mediterranean in deadly boats,
aspiring to reach Europe alive and not (inert) corpses fiercely buoyed by the waves.
What is that secret in that relation between Palestinians and their Teitas?!
Settled in a Scandinavian country, obtained her ‘respectable’ passport, by which she returns to the emptied village with its destroyed houses, turned into an ‘Israeli national park.’
Stood between the mosque and the old mayor’s house, at the foot of the big palm tree, the one she imagined all those years, and call her grandmother to tell her: “Sitti, I am there, at our home.”
Nour calls Um Safwan (her grandmother) at Hama refugee camp in Syria from Al Zeeb village, emptied of her children all those years ago.
- Watch and listen, you don’t need to understand Arabic to feel the glue in that bond. “turn your back to the sea” is the moment Nour kneels down,
on the instruction to allocate where her grandmother’s house was once there.