They Seek God in My House They Confiscated

  They Seek God in My House They Confiscated In this parallel universe where we currently live, during such unparalleled double standards, and at a time when Israeli occupation demolished 380 mosques and 3 churches in its ongoing genocidal campaign on Gaza in a flagrant violation of freedom of... Read More

Proceeds Go to Algerian Activists

  Proceeds Go to Algerian Activists When Jerusalem city was under Jordanian rule 66 years ago, the Algerian Al-Ittihad football team was a welcome guest to the holy city.A friendly match with the Jerusalemite Muazzafin Club team was held at Al-Mutran (St. George’s) School Stadium in a spirit of... Read More

Grandma's Palm Tree

What is that secret of the Bond between Palestinians and their Grandmothers? The grandmother expelled from her coastal hometown north of Akka in 1948 to become a refugee in a camp in northern Syria. Second and third generations brought up on a diet of stories told by their Teitas (grandmothers),... Read More

Khalil Al-Sakakini

The house of the Palestinian writer, scholar, poet and Arab nationalist Khalil Al-Sakakini who is a leading intellectual of literature, and the father of the ideological and literal novelty in Palestine and the Arab world. His daughter Hala recalls in her book "Jerusalem & I" that her father... Read More

The Baramkis' Residence

The Residence of the Baramki family which is located in Al-Turjuman neighborhood, directly on the city line that separated west and east Jerusalem before the Israeli occupation in 1967, that ‘‘Armistice Line’’ which known nowadays as Street Nr.1.

Trading Oranges for Cars!

Economic life in Palestine before Nakba

Jerusalem YMCA

Jerusalem – A tank and Israeli soldiers in 1967 in Nablus Street near the armistice line that divided Jerusalem into two cities after Nakba (Film Scene).Many Palestinian families whom their houses were taken over by Zionists in the western part of the city used to climb the roof of the YMCA to see... Read More

Jerusalem Palace Hotel

In 1929, within just 11 months, the Supreme Islamic Council in Palestine built the Palace Hotel near Ma’man Allah cemetery (Mamila) in the west of Jerusalem. As the owner of the project’s idea the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, wanted to construct a building on the Andalusian architectural style.

House of Hanna Bisharat

“There were no such thing as Palestinians. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.”Golda Meir as quoted in Sunday Times (15 June 1969), also... Read More

Daqqaq Family house

Since the launch of the documentary project “Kunna Wama Zilna”, dozens of stories about Palestinian refugees around the world were collected as to document their homes and take them to it. Some of the stories were happy, others were sad; but without a doubt that Dakkak’s family house that was... Read More

That House in Musrara

Al-Musrara is relatively a small neighborhood that was built in different phases from the 1860 onward as the first residential blocks outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem. However,

Jasmin House Hotel

In a quite spot in Talbiya on the west part of occupied Jerusalem, Dr. Bishara Kanaan built a 2 storey building in the twenties that was used as a school for Evria Sisters. Dr. Kanaan was married to German lady, and they had a daughter called “Yasmin”. In 1938 the building was transformed into a... Read More

Returning To Ghabsiyyeh

Wounded in the head, and the shrapnels lodged in his body. From there, Hussein moved and lived in diaspora in Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp in Sidon, South of Lebanon.Fadia, the daughter of Hussein al-Maqdah, born in Ein Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp but currently holding a foreign passport contacted me... Read More

From Texas to Beit Affa

To that little village standing northeast of Gaza and not far from Asqalan, Lina Abdullah returned to the hometown of her parents to be the first to come back to Beit Affa since its occupation in 1948.Feelings rushing back and recalling memories narrated by father and relatives have completed the... Read More

Cinema Rex - Jerusalem

For the first time on Cinema Rex’s screen in Jerusalem appears the talented Lebanese singer “Sabah” and Palestinian singer “Halim Al Roumi” This what appeared in one of the advertisements in “Al Muntada” magazine published in 1946 for Cinema Rex (owned by Yousef Albina and Talhami), and it used to... Read More

A Gift of Thyme

Mrs. Sara Abu-Ajamieh, who resides in Jordan during a visit to her ethnically cleansed village in 1948, "Mughallis", which is located on the Ramla – Hebron – Gaza road. We might have been quite disappointed for not being able to allocate her family house, due to the devastating destruction of the... Read More

Maher Chamma and the old Map

Holding a map drawn by his uncle, aged 96, Maher Shamma, born in Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria, arrived to Palestine as a U.S citizen this time in look for the family house in Acre.