A Gift of Thyme

Mrs. Sara Abu-Ajamieh, who resides in Jordan during a visit to her ethnically cleansed village in 1948, "Mughallis", which is located on the Ramla – Hebron – Gaza road.
We might have been quite disappointed for not being able to allocate her family house, due to the devastating destruction of the village, but the Thyme of the Village "Zaatar leblad" had done its earthly magic to bring back joy to Mrs. Sara's heart, who saw nothing better than this gift to take back with her to Amman and share with her family.
The village "Mughallis" is one hebrons displaced villages, located 30 kilometers North-West.
During the ottoman reign Mughallis was a village in the nahiya of Gaza (liwa' Gaza), surrounded by the villages of; Ajjour, Zakaria, Ethinba, and Tal Al-Safi. A secondary road that had once been the caravan route between Bayt jibrin and al-Ramla passed next to the village and afforded it access to these two centers.
The people of Mughallis relied on rainfed agriculture for their livelihood, as the lands of the village extend to an area of eleven thousand (11,000) dunums.
The village was ethnically cleansed during Operation (An-Far) launched by the Zionist Israeli gangs, in July 1948, during which all the houses of the village (about 150 houses) were demolished, along with the village mosque and school.
In 1955 a settlement was built named "Gefen" on the northern lands of "Maghallis". (In which Zionist settlers who have replaced the true inhabitants of the land live)